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BJ ANDERS who comes from Helsingborg, Sweden served as bass player and lead vocalist in the legendary band The PIRATES from the 90's onwards whilst also touring in his native country with the late Huw Lloyd Langton and Ray Major.


LASSE SCHILL: DRUMS, PERCUSSION, VOCALS LASSE SCHILL, long time companion since 32 years with BJ Anders,
have amongst other served behind the drums on tours and records
with the late Huw Lloyd Langton, Ray Major and Ray Minhinnet.


BJORN GYLLIX: RHYTHM GUITAR BJORN GYLLIX, started in post-punk bands in Southern Sweden in the
early eighties, and now keeps the rhythm going as well as sharing song
writing duties with BJ Anders.


JACOB HJARNE: BASS GUITAR JACOB HJARNE, has played in several rock and folk-rockbands, before
joining The Buccaneers to serve as steady bass player.