Anders; BJ And The Buccaneers: Rockin' With The Devil

Having served as bassist and lead vocalist in The Pirates, as well as touring with the likes of Huw Lloyd Langton and Ray Majors, it will come as no great surprise to find that BJ Anders and The Buccaneers are Rockabilly Rockers all the way from Sweden. The ethos would appear to be good fun and if you are looking for something not too challenging, then the slightly overstated <i>Rockin' With The Devil</i> could be the album for you. I say overstated because if this is the Devil's music, then I'm assuming he's passed hell raising and soul stealing on to a younger partner and now boogies in a more relaxed fashion. < p>< /p> That's not to suggest BJ and his swashbucklers are boring, in fact mostly far from it, although the habit of the likes of instrumental "I Travel" or the up-tempo "Wolf Girl" to sound a bit like Hank Marvin and his Shadowy chums, does take the wind out of the sails of the likes of "Argentine A-Go-Go", or "These Glorious Times". The latter of this pairing bounds home like the long lost brother of Otis Redding's "Hard To Handle", with a groove the size of Belgium, while the former takes good old fashioned Rock 'n' Roll ideals and shoves dynamite up its ass, Anders sounding a bit like an old Michael Hutcheance (as he might have been without a predilection for citrus fruit...) as the song hops, jumps, duck walks and pogos for all its worth. < p>< /p> "Pay The Price" possibly plays it too safe, sounding a bit "by numbers", which could also be said for the likes of "Louise Louise", which definitely comes across as the polite cousin of the standard "Louie Louie". However even when things are sitting in first gear, foot firmly refusing to hit the floor, the quality and authenticity holds the interest and keeps the toes tapping. < i>Rockin' With The Devil</i>? Hmmmm..... I'm not so sure on that one, but certainly keeping the good times coming. BJ Anders And The Buccaneers know how to add some rock to their roll and billy to their rocka. If either of those things get you jiving, then you'll have a blast with this album. < p>< /p> < br><b>Track Listing</b>< br>1. Argentine A-Go-Go< br>2. Wolf Girl< br>3. Pay The Price< br>4. Rockinī With The Devil< br>5. These Glorious Times< br>6. Five Feet And Four Inches < br>7. The Getaway< br>8. Road To Paradise < br>9. Louise Louise< br>10. Idiot Creed < br>11. I Travel< br>12. When The Lights Are Out

Added: September 21st 2013
Reviewer: Steven Reid
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